Klearlight Studio is a comfortable, well equiped audio recording studio tucked in to the backdrop of Dallas, Texas. Just a walk through of the studio brings sights of uncommon and curious gear as well as the studio staples you expect from a professional recording facility. Stop by the gear section and lay your eyes on the extensive synth list.

Owner/engineers Scott Cooksey, Jimi Bowman, and Jay “The Synth Guru” Jernigan take a very dedicated, classic approach to recording, mixing and mastering that can be heard in the warm and rich sounds of the countless artists that have tracked here. To their credit, all three kind gents are studio and live musicians as well as engineers and carry on solid, knowledgeable engineering traditions.

Everything from Hip-Hop, Indie and Experimental to Rock, Metal and Alt Country groups have made their mark at Klearlight Studio.

Some artist credits include Erykah Badu, The Cannabinoids, Gensu Dean, David Banner, The Flaming Lips, Ehko Music, Luna MattoVega, Darktown Strutters, Hammerlock, Clay Pendergrass, Yells At Eels, Akkolyte, Divine Eve, Kansas City Faggots, Ariel Pink, and True Widow, just to name a few.DSC_0062

Check out the client list for some samples of work.

Klearlight is also well stocked with professional session musicians if called upon.

For rates or questions feel free to email or call.


Klearlight Staff